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CEO Message

Greetings from CEO

WINIA Co., Ltd.

Winia is a comprehensive home appliance manufacturer that manufactures and sells home appliances to improve customer's quality of life in line with the evolving lifestyle of customers. We are doing our best to become a global company.

Starting with the launch of Winia, an air conditioner brand, we pioneered the essential home appliance area by developing Dimchae, which led to the popularization of the Korean Kimchi Refrigerator.

Furthermore, with the launch of premium refrigerators that reflect Dimchae's technology, it has become a major Korean home appliance company.

Winia, along with Winia Daewoo, a subsidiary of Winia, is one of Korea's top three general home appliances companies. We are also taking the lead in developing new home appliances that apply IoT and AI, such as ''Dimchae.''

In July 2019, the company changed its name from Daeyu Winia to Winia to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Daeyu Winia Group. We will share the core technology of both companies with Winia Daewoo, a home appliance affiliate of the group, and create the world's first product through endless research and development to open a new horizon in the home appliance industry.

Winia will introduce innovative products with appreciation to our customers for their unfailing love. We will continue to develop differentiated products so that we can stand out as a global company beyond Korea, creating a second dimchae myth. Winia promises to give our customers the highest value with the customer's value first.

Thank you.