Features and Speciality

rice cooker dimchae cook
IH Pressure
The warmth and the original taste delivered
from the traditional rice cooking method.
  • Long-lasting Hygienic inner Pot
    Ceramic coating prevents any outside infections
  • User-friendly interface
    Easy to use interface
  • Energy-saving Wave Rolling Design
    Wave rolling design saves heat loss while cooking
  • Heat Consuming Vaccum Glass Coating
    Vaccum glass coating delivers maximum heat to the inner pot
rice cooker dimchae cook
Versatile Multi-Case
Silver Nano-particle
Heat Pad
instead of using couple of copper wires as a heat conductor,
dimchae Cook uses the stated art Silver Nano-particle Heat Pad
to minimize the heat loss and efficiently delivers the heat overall.
Nano α IH
Nano α induction heating technology minimizes cooking time
and maximizes the taste by boosting up the moist absorption.
Provides more juicy and chewy texture as a result.
>Nano α IH
Highest Atomosphric
Highest Atomosphric
Delivers highest pressure to maximum taste.
Easy Clean,
Detachable Cover
Stainless and highly durable cover.
Easy Clean, Detachable Cover
Powerful Surrounding Heat
Powerful Surrounding
Distinctive inner pot design creates powerful heat
wave inside the pot.
Authentic Gamasot
Cooking Method
The original taste delivered from
the traditional rice cooking method.
Authentic Gamasot Cooking Method
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