Features and Speciality

premium refrigerator praud
dimchae’s Advanced technology

Temperature to Spatial Composition to Appearance!
We’ll keep you fresh and beautiful from your food to your daily
life with our unique design techniques.

dimchae’s Advanced technology
Dual Eco Space
The world’s first dual ecosystem space, which enables
you to divide the space at your disposal, is one of the most popular
products in the world. it is kept separate and only opens and closes
the doors required,thus saving electricity bills.
Dual Eco Space
Independent Cooling
Separate temperature control for all storage compartments
using one compressor for adjustable refrigeration.
Convertible Cooling Zone
(Fridge ↔ Freezer)
Bottom compartments can be used as refrigerator or freezer,
depending on what you want to store with a simple touch
of a button
Convertible Cooling Zone
87cm Wide Storage
Wide Storage
The widest shelves on the market to
store anything without worrying about space.
Those hard to reach items in the back.
Slide-forward Shelves
Slide-back Shelf
Retractable shelves to easily place
containers or foods of any size.
  • Product’s exterior and specification may be subject to change without a prior notice to improve product better.
  • The model concerned will not be carried in some dealer store.
  • Product color may be slightly different upon the monitor.
  • Image is for display cut, may be different from actual product.