Features and Speciality

kimchi Refrigerator-Dimgchae
The Trend Leader of the New Food Culture.
  • Fixed Temperature
    Technology & Moisture Control
  • Maturing Mode
  • Convenient Features
  • Storage Scienc
Storage Science

The optimum storage technology for each food has been found, in keeping with the original method.

Special d˚zone, the exclusive maturing and storage space tailored to each type of food This is a special space unique to dimchae whose professional storage mode,
tailored to not only Kimchi but also other various foods, enables enjoyment of the original flavors of the ingredients.

Storage Science
convenience Science

Each different room is equipped with a separate cooling system to precisely control the best temperature

  • dimchae’s own top-cooling method reduces the weight of the
    uppermost container, which may be used easily
    with at most only 1/3 of the power.
  • The storage spaces of lower drawers where the underground
    cooling method is applied can be 100% utilized in a more
    spacious and efficient manner.

Original dimchae
Underground Cooling

Room-specific Coolers
for More Precision
Independent Cooling

Heat to the top,
Cool air to the Bottom

Underground BiO Materials

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